5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split This Summer

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split This Summer

Croatia is a one-of-a-kind Adriatic-Pannonia jewel that is surrounded by waves of pleasurable water bodies and a quintessential range of deep karst mountains. Within this picturesque nation lies the beautiful old town of Spilt that has over the decade continued to fasten its reputation as a world-class summer destination. With the 2019 hot season fast approaching, we give you five reasons why your holiday will be best spent in this lovely coastal town.

1) A Generous Serving of Ancient History:

Generous Serving of Ancient History

Split is punctuated by various amenities of the modern age but the domineering landscape is made up of weather-beaten buildings harboring hundreds of years’ worth of existence. Of all the rugged structures of old, Diocletian’s Palace stands out the most presenting a royal layout reminiscent of the medieval kingdoms of so many decades ago.

2) Soothing Beaches and Islands:

Split Beaches

This is to be expected of a coastal town but Split’s beaches are far from ordinary. Aside from nice sandy shores, these beaches receive the most sunshine in all of Europe ensuring that you squeeze the maximum out of every day. Bacvice beach is renowned for a fun and pomp nightlife with it being the town’s most popular. Meanwhile, off the mainland, the indescribably gorgeous islands of Šolta, Brač, and Hvar are there for the taking.

3) Scenic Views from Marjan Hill:

Scenic Views from Marjan Hill

With rows of decadent cafes complimenting forgotten masonry from a time no one can attest to remembering, Split’s cityscape is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Marjan Hill proves an excellent vantage point to experience the riveting ambiance with the slope sides offering pine trees and privacy away from the rushes of the urban center. Besides breathtaking views, the hill also has up its sleeve the lovely churches of St. Nicholas and St. Jerome which are deserving of a place in your schedule.

4) Authentic Food:

Authentic Food

Split’s traditional prowess extends to their cuisines availing highly coveted meals that see restaurants constantly sold out in the summer. Meatballs in sauce, baby beef stew, stuffed bell peppers, and fresh seafood make up some of the most selected food items with rosemary seasonings, garlic, and olive oil also proving just as popular. The reason behind the town’s culinary success lies in the fact that they have managed to seamlessly integrate different traditions from neighboring countries to create the ultimate exotic menu.

5) The Ivan Meštrović Gallery:

The Ivan Meštrović Gallery

Who you say? Well, only the greatest sculptor this world has ever seen. The talented artist may have kicked the bucket almost 60 years ago but his legendary works will carry his name long beyond our generation. Be it architectonic blueprints, drawings, paintings or sculptures, nothing was beyond his talent. All his greatest accomplishments now sit well-preserved in a museum in Spilt– which by the way was naturally named after him- and you can witness their irresistible beauty first-hand.

With so many places to see and so many things to do, getting around Spilt can be a problem largely because its treasures are spread out across the town. A taxi transfer Split is therefore sure to come in handy for that reason and also if you are unfamiliar with the old town in which case the knowledge of an experienced driver is crucial.