15 Best Beaches in the United States of America

Best Beaches in the United States

American is often called a land of opportunities, and that is not wrong as well. You can very well make your dream come true if you think you have the capabilities.

But at the same point, America also is a land of outstanding landscapes and beautiful sceneries. The total of visiting tourists says a lot about these places were beautiful.

Among such beautiful places are the amazing beaches which can take our breath away with absolute pleasant water, spectacular view and clean sand.

Hawaii – The Big Island:

Hawaii - The Big Island

The island which has been ignored for nothing deserves the first place in this list because of many reasons. Because it has beautiful black sand beaches and it has fresh and lush green forests. Also, because it has an active volcano which is constantly increasing the size of the land of this island, and also because the dried out black lava land is nothing but beautiful and mesmerizing.



This island has something of everything. Not too big and not too small; also, not very expensive and also not too cheap; it is just the right thing for almost everyone. You can find mini golf courses, everything about history and culture here. Also, not to forget the amazing beaches where you can find as many as five different types of turtles just lying and enjoy the sun like us.



One of the expensive islands of Hawaii especially in winters where the room’s rent for a night can reach up to $500. Otherwise having splendid views of nature and amazingly clear skies with soothing water and shores, you will enjoy your long walks with a simple umbrella as rain can happen any time. Also, you can explore other regions of the island in wheels as the tracks can get the length and tricky.



Known for its outrageous beauty on a rock formation and you will be amazed to see the colorful reefs Lanai Beaches has. With variety of enjoyable activities like visiting Shipwreck Beach or going down the paved ways on the beaches to enjoy long walks to soothe in the natural beauty. You will find even more if you more towards the posh area on the island where exquisite lunches and dinners while over the top-class living standard are available. You can also enjoy lawn bowling and deep-sea fishing if you get bored from all this if that is possible.

St. Augustine:

St. Augustine

Although this place is rich with history like Spanish first lived here, and it still has that colonial architecture, but one thing you cannot escape while you are here visiting is the fact that many say it has a lot of paranormal activities. Other than that, it has wonderful resorts, branded boutiques, live music ventures and amazing St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum for families and children. So, if you are traveling with family then perhaps you wish to visit here as well.

Honolulu – Oahu:

Honolulu - Oahu

Another beautiful island of Hawaii which speaks for the wildest nightlife and mesmerizing beauty of clean blue is Honolulu which is outstanding in terms of enjoyment and tourism. It has some of the superb hotels and restaurants which are true to the original culture of Hawaii.

Outer Banks:

Outer Banks

A place from where the history of flying began when Wright brothers took their first flight and where a pirate named Blackbeard fought his last fight; Outer Banks have so much to offer. From sunny and clean sand shores to excellent housing facilities, those who are looking for a fun time but within the limits of decency and budget, this is the place for you. You can enjoy wind and water sports while wildlife can also be enjoyed. More, you can visit some 3000 ships wrecked buried on the coast while yourscuba dive.

Key West:

Key West

While the island was severely affected by the hurricane Irma in 2017, the touring spots are back to get in the business. From the outstanding coastline to eccentric scenery, you can enjoy shopping at Mallory Square and end your day at Duval Street bar. Nevertheless, it is one heck of a place to unwind your mind and enjoy some quality relaxation.



Present in the premises of California, it is not like California at all. With humble architecture, the lifestyle is so different than southern California and northern as well. The beautiful coastline attracts tourist from all over the world which only highlights the beauty of this state. Whether you decide the long road trip or play golf, you will enjoy your stay.

Miami Beach:

Miami Beach

One of the greatest things about Miami Beach is that it is one of those places where you can find everything from expensive to cheap. You can find a kid-friendly environment for your family and luxurious resorts for you and your buddies. Here are some of the top notched hotels and restaurants which will cater you the best you have ever seen and also on the other side, you will be able to find from food to room; from rides to enjoyable courses and of course not to forget the ever-entertaining water sports. It is like a full package.

Hilton Head:

Hilton Head

As the name suggests, Hilton Head is not a place where you want to go for enjoying nights and club nights while having exclusive day shopping. This is not possible if you are traveling with a tight budget as Hilton is reputed for catering to extravagant clientele. To put the Hilton Head in simple words, you need to think before you move here to enjoy your vacation. This place is quiet and relaxing, and with dinners and live music on shores, you will want to feel pampered and rich. The beaches are clean and offer long walks, but the nightlife is pretty much slow.

Martha’s Vineyard:

Martha's Vineyard

Ever since Hollywood celebrities have made this beautiful island their second home, it has hiked the prices, and you will find some insanely expensive cottages and dinner places, but that’s one aspect of this beautiful and triangle shaped island. With quite a beach on one side and happening beach another, you will find both the classes which are ruling the world and the other which are living their hearts.

Boca Raton:

Boca Raton

Second largest city of Florida, its beaches and beautiful parks are some places to visit. With a beautiful resort and wildlife conservation and high ended designer boutiques, it is a place to visit since it offers you a lot more than what the brochure reads.

West Palm Beach:

West Palm Beach

Another amazing beach from Florida is the west beach. It is interesting here to mention that West Beach is famous because many celebrities and famous people have taken up the West Palm to enjoy Florida’s sun and famous expensive lifestyle which Florida offers but you don’t have to worry. The beach is 100% enjoyable, and you can find all sorts of budget hotels and lifestyle things from luxurious shopping to amazing restaurants.

Fort Lauderdale:

Fort Lauderdale

Florida is famous for its beaches. So it should not surprise you if more than 1 beach is included from this state. The last in our top 15 beaches of the USA in Fort Lauderdale. If you are interested in having quality time with your family but want to stay in budget and enjoy the scenery of palm trees. With white sand beaches and clear water, you can enjoy various types of water sports here without putting a burden on your pocket.