Best Bikes for Long Distance Travel According To Your Budget

Best Bikes for Long Distance Travel According To Your Budget

If you are a working professional, it is difficult to maintain the life and career balance. The stress builds up in your body to a great level. As a result, you become ill. There are many ways to combat this stress. One is to go for a long drive away from the rigors of work. The ride will be a happy one if you go along with your family members. Riding a bike on the wild or amidst Mother Nature gives a thrill undefined in sentences. As per human psychology, riding a motorcycle on a lonely road allows you to connect with yourself. If you are a working professional in Bangalore and plan to go to Ladakh, then it is best to travel by motorbike along with your family. In this article, we give information on the best bikes for long-distance travel. According to your budget.

Bajaj Avenger street 220 Cruise (1.35 Lakh)

Bajaj Avenger street 220 Cruise
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Bajaj auto launched Avenger cruise 220 in India on January 2019. It is equipped with single-channel ABS. It is also covered with a 220CC engine with a mileage of 45 Kmpl. The beauty of this bike is having 5 gears for topmost speed. Its seat design is most comfortable for the long rides. The maximum power is 18.8 bhp and torque is 17.5Nm. Seats of Avenger 220 cruise are most comfortable for both the riders. Bajaj Avenger Street comes across as one among the best bikes for long-distance travel.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 (1.94 -1.99 Lakh)

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350
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RE Thunderbird came in India in 2012 with all the changes. It has a 20-liter fuel tank capacity with a 346CC engine. It gives a mileage of 35 Kmpl. It has a dual disc brake system and has 5 gears for high-speed performance. One more advantage is this bike has ABS for easy controls of turnings and high speed. Its output is 19.8 bhp and 28Nm torque. From the stable, Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 comes across as one of the best bikes for long-distance travel.

Best Bikes for Long Distance Travel – Royal Enfield Classic 500 (2 Lakh)

royal enfield classic 500
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If you want a bike which is comfortable, RE Classic is the best model for your long route. It comes with a 13.7 Litre fuel tank capacity with 499CC engines. It gives a mileage of 37 Kmpl. Having 5 Gears with Dual disc brake system. You can even convert the seats of the bike according to your requirement. It is available in single and dual seats. Its maximum power is 27.57 and torque is 41.3Nm.

Royal Enfield Himalayan (2.35 Lakh)

Royal Enfield Himalayan
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Its engine is of 411CC. This bike has a dual disc brake system for easy control on difficult roads. Its fuel tank capacity is 15 Litres which gives Mileage of 30 Kmpl. One additional feature is its ABS system. Its maximum power is 24.83 bhp and torque is 32Nm. It is designed for long rides and for off-road trips. It is the first bike of Royal Enfield having mono-shock rear suspension.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 (2.50-3 Lakh)

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

The Royal Enfield Interceptor is one among the most powerful bikes in the Indian Market. Its fuel tank capacity is 12.5 Km which gives 25 kmpl mileage. Its engine is of 648CC. The engine is a 4 stroke and thus the bike is listed among the powerful bikes in the market. It is also having a dual disc brake system for your safety and has dual-channel ABS. Its maximum power is 47.65 bhp and maximum torque is 52NM. It is best suitable for your long trips. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 offers a very relaxed seating position.

Best Bikes for Long Distance Travel – Harley Davidson Street 750 (6.50 Lakh)

Harley Davidson Street 750
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It is a middleweight cruiser bike and one among the most affordable motorcycles from the brand’s stable in India. The custom dark look of Harley Davidson is extremely good. The most attractive thing on the bike is its design, 7-spoke cast-aluminum wheels, speed screen, fuel tank, engine, and narrow seats are all blacked-out. Bike gets a six-speed gearbox that gives maximum speed to the bike. It is having a 749CC Engine. The maximum power is 47.6PS @ 8,000 RPM and torque of 59Nm at 3,750 RPM. It is available in 8 colors.

Best Bikes for Long Distance Travel – Suzuki Hayabusa (16.85 Lakh)

Suzuki Hayabusa
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This Hayabusa is available in the Indian market in 2 colors Grey and black. Its fuel capacity is 15 kmpl and its fuel tank capacity is 21 liters. The model has a 1340 CC engine, which makes it more powerful. The sound of the Hayabusa is amazing. It is having 4 cylinders and having 4 stroke engine. Additional features – Having dual disc brake and dual-channel ABS system. Bike gets a 6-speed gearbox to make it a more speedy bike. Its maximum speed is 312kmph. Its maximum power is 200HP @9500 RPM and a maximum torque of 155Nm @ 7200 RPM.

(Note):- In this article, we have specified only the present on-road prices of Bangalore. It may vary according to different cities and states.


These are some bikes in demand in India. They are hugely popular. You can select any bike according to your budget for your Long distance Travel. So, have you got a long leave from office? Are you moving out of the city on a motorbike with your three-member family? Well, first of all, Congratulations! But make sure that before you start your trip, you check if the two-wheeler is in perfect condition.

Ensure that the motorcycle is checked by an authorized technician. It is the only way to make your trip a happy ride. Are you worried that you do not have time to take the bike to the mechanic? If the bike has passed the period of warranty, there is a way to make the best-qualified mechanic come to your location and deliver doorstep service. Let us imagine, you are a professional working in Bangalore. You have got two months to leave and want to take the family to Ladakh on your motorbike. You are going along with your wife and five-year-old son. In this occasion, to give the best maintenance service for your bike, select the companies offering home repair services Bangalore. They will have qualified mechanics who offer bike servicing at home Bangalore on their payrolls.

You can, with ease, browse the profiles of qualified mechanics near your home. And as per your budget, desired location time, place a request.

After booking, the mechanic will come to your doorstep at the scheduled time with all his required tools. If there is any major problem he will take your bike to his service station. Then, he will repair your bike and deliver it back within the given time. The price of the service is shown prior to the booking so that you can easily compare it with the other service providers.

If your bike is in perfect condition, you do not have to worry regarding problems during the journey. Your family will enjoy the trip. You will come back from the trip a rejuvenated man ready to take on challenges in your personal life and career.