Top 10 Best Bubble Tea Types – Bubble Tea Fact and Recipes

Best Bubble Tea Types

It is common for many people to know about Bubble tea, but none of them have tried it. Bubble tea is also famous as boba tea. Bubble tea is the traditional tea of Taiwan and throughout the world. Bubble tea comes in lots of unique flavors and textures, offering a series of freshness. Following are the top ten flavors that best bubble tea enthusiasts love to drink.

Matcha Boba Tea

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Matcha is a potent kind of green tea, and it offers many health benefits. Ordering it with almond milk, sprinkled chia seeds on top and with no sugar, you can boost your glands.

Classic Milk Bubble Tea With Tapioca Pearls

Classic Milk Bubble Tea With Tapioca Pearls

Classic milk is the most popular and traditional type of bubble tea. It is more like a black tea with a dash of sugar and milk powder. Lots of tea lovers enjoy this type of bubble tea with tapioca sprinkled on top. Tapioca is extracted from cassava roots, and the remains are rolled into small balls, which are fried and covered with syrups and sugar coating. The quality of tapioca in a bubble tea is a sign of a well-made bubble tea – not too chewy and soft.

Fruit Iced Tea

Fruit Iced Tea

For those of you who have never tried a bubble tea, iced tea is pretty much the best thing to go for. It contains a lot of fruity flavors such as mango, apple, kiwi, passion fruit, grapes instead of milk, and pineapple. Fruity iced tea is a very popular tea drink in the US.

Thai Bubble Tea

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Thai Bubble tea is created from evaporated milk, and it tastes sweet. The odor of thai bubble tea is orange, and it tastes like vanilla.

Popcorn Tea

Popcorn Tea

This type of tea is also known as Green tea. It is made from toasted rice and green tea. The name popcorn is due to the toasted rice; it makes the tea taste like popcorn.

Coconut Bubble Tea

Coconut Bubble Tea

It is filled with coconut water mixed with fruit juices and some extra add-ons to make the tea a delicious and healthy liquid.

Taro B Tea

Taro B

Those who love Boba tea love Taro B tea. The name might sound a little weird, but once you order it, you won’t regret it. It is made from taro root which tastes very creamy. Lots of people believe that Taro B tea tastes like cream and cookies mashed together.

Mousse Boba Tea

Mousse Boba tea has a unique flavor, and it will win the hearts of those people who love adventurous flavors. It is a blend of different kinds of tea and contains a dash of sugar sprinkled with mousse.

Winter Melon Tea

Do not confuse this tea with watermelon; it tastes nothing like it. Winter melon is a Chinese melon which is caramelized during cooking, and it gives the melon tea a caramel taste.

Honeydew Boba Tea

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Honeydew is known to be a very popular flavor in the entire universe. Honeydew is mixed with cream to get that special flavor. It is topped with ice and called an ice tea.

Each of the above mentioned Bubble Tea flavors is tasteful and refreshing. Try the flavor that appeals you the most and joins the Bubble Tea Lovers gang.

Bubble Tea Fact

1- Bubble tea is a combination of four ingredients; milk, toppings, freshly brewed tea, and a sweetening flavor to provide texture to the tea. The tea also contains some “chew balls,” which act as an element of joy to the tea.

2- The above mentioned four ingredients can always be exchanged with other elements such as fresh fruit, green tea, shaved ice, soy milk, cream, and syrups are added to bubble teas as well. When the tea mixture is mixed in a cocktail shaker, bubbles appear on top. That is why it is called bubble tea.