10 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

Hey globetrotter! Have you traveled to New Zealand? No? Then this should be your next move to explore New Zealand. And if you already have seen New Zealand, you should double-check on it as it is the vast, beautiful, and exploring country.

This one region has the whole World inside it. Exploring New Zealand could be the greatest fun and a pleasing affection only if you have that exploring skills. To enhance your skills and knowledge, here you have all about New Zealand and the places which are on the top of MUST-SEE list.

Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is the Maori cultured sovereign island country towards the Pacific Ocean. It generally and geographically comprises two land masses “The North Island” and “The South Island” with more than 600 tiny islands.

This beautiful and wild country has a total length area of 268,000 kilometers with a capital city named “Wellington” and with the most exciting city, “Auckland.” Queen Elizabeth ll is the country’s monarch. New Zealand has set up a there significant source of revenue by International Tourism.

New Zealand is also called the “Aotearoa” by the Maori culture people which means “land of the long white cloud” just as this the two landmasses are also called “Telkaa-maui” to North islands which means “the fish of Maui” and “Tewai pounamu” to the South island which means “the waters of greenstone”.

The North Island has the great ranges of Volcanic plateaus, and the plateau also hosts the country’s largest lake called “Lake taupo,” whereas the South islands and mountainous. The range of Southern Alps has 18 peeks with the highest one called “AURAKI.”

So, this was the shortest introduction to New Zealand. Now let’s see the most inspiring and the most alluring places in New Zealand, which you should explore at least once in your life.

Bay of Islands


Bay of island, one of the most lovely and pleasing places in New Zealand. It is the hub of water sports like sailing, fishing, etc. This place comprises of 144 islands between the Cape Brett and Purerua Peninsula which starts after 3 hours driving from AUKLAND.

You can have the best enjoyment theirs by having a Scuba Diving and exploring the whole new pleasant underwater world. You can also see the wild dolphins and whales from boat, and luckily if conditions are under control, you can also be permitted to swim with those wild dolphins.

If you are nature lover or underwater explorer this place is for you. And the most interesting thing about Bay Of Islands is the “hole in a rock,” an opening in a rock formation that you can also sail on if tides are good.

There are hotels to stay in, not so far from this place just outside the Peninsula there are oldest sub-licensed hotels with all the facilities.

Milford Sound, New Zealand


Rudyard Kipling, the poet, called the Milford Sound “The 8th wonder of the World”. After exploring that place you can also admit it.

The places covered by the graceful, calming environment followed the glaciers during Ice Age and the winsome cliffs arising from the exquisite fjords with the high mountain making crowns on the cliffs and the most sightseeing, beauteous and delighted Waterfalls.

The best way to enjoy the glory of Milford Sound is to navigate via boats into the fjords, and to explore the underwater wildlife of dolphins you can go deep inside the water up to 30 feet by the MILFORD DISCOVERY CENTRE AND UNDERWATER OBSERVATORY.” You can enjoy the best hiking and the packages of boat tours from “MILFORD SOUND LODGE.”

There are not many places to stay in Milford Sound; you can drive up to 3 and a half hours from Queenstown to have a great variety of hotels out there.

Auckland, New Zealand


AUCKLAND, the largest and the most attracting city of New Zealand. It is the hub of International Air travel. It was the most advanced and ideal city to check up on as the Lonely Planet in 2014 ranked AUCKLAND in the top 10 cities of the World. The whole city is a home of exciting places and pleasant environment.

We can have you some suggestions to check up on first which can help you to explore more like; the MUSEUM OF AUCKLAND are the remarkable places to visit they accommodate the culture, history, arms and equipment, arts and crafts and all the information that you will have the keen to know.

The ART GALLERIES of Auckland holds the historical, modern, and contemporary art. The people of Auckland love to host you with their multi-cultured bars and restaurants; the variety of cuisine is what you foodies love to entertain with.

The nightlife of Auckland is so lively, Auckland never sleeps, and you should dine in there for the best lively experience. Auckland Domain Park is what you can have to experience the art of nature. Moreover the Parnell Farmer’s Market assures you the freshest pieces. Auckland has the best adventure activities like the “Auckland’s Bridge Climb” and the “Auckland’s Bridge Bungee Jumps.”

If you are facing difficulty in exploring, you should simply book a guided trip from “Auckland City Tour” or “America’s Cup Sailing Experience.”

Auckland is an advance city no matter where you got to stay, you will always be near to something interesting to visit.

Waiheke Island, New Zealand


So, good news to all those who are vine lovers. Waiheke Island, the small island in the middle of Hauraki Gulf, is home of vineyard. The people are so hostile there they warmly welcome you to explore these yards and also handed they vine sample.

Moreover not only vineyards but also the restaurants there is a hub of great delicious food “MUDBRICK VINEYARD RESTAURANT” is one of the best restaurants you will get there.

Not only the foods and the vines are the centre of attraction, but the forests, beaches, art community, and olive groves are sightseeing. The best suggestion we can give you for Waiheke is to book a scenic flight or the hiking that can realize you that why the WAIHEKE ISLAND is the best place in New Zealand to visit.

Christchurch, New Zealand


Inspire for facing four large earthquakes from 2010 to 2011, Christchurch is still standing with pleasant glory. Although you can find it that the earthquakes marks are still there, people there know how to fix that.

There are so many creations that held after the destruction of earthquake, and now Christchurch is the combination of old and new creations where both are breathtaking specially the “Re;START Mall” and “Christchurch Botanic Garden.” This Botanic Garden features largest tallest and oldest trees of New Zealand.

Heritage Christchurch is the best hotel there in the center of Christchurch. It cost a little high but it worth it.

White Island, New Zealand


Unlike its name, the island is the home to the great active Volcano. The real name that was given by the Maoris was “TePuia o Whakaari” which means “The Dramatic Volcano” afterward the volcano was sailed by the sailor named “CAPTAIN COOK” in 1769. He called it “White Island” because of the white steam of clouds covering it from upside.

If you are that one of the adventurous travelers, you should check it upon. You can get a close stroll by a scenic helicopter ride, or if it’s not of your type you can take a boat and sail across it. When you got up there you surely know why that Volcano worth seeing. Moreover you can also get underwater information across the volcano by Scuba Diving.

Although there is no hotel to stay in, you can book a night at WHITE ISLAND RENDEZVOUS” in Whakatane.

Queenstown, New Zealand


SO, here is the most pleasing place to enjoy nature. The most charming, breathtaking, and irresistible place you can feel it on. The sunrise and the sunset views are the two timings that you should never wish to end up on. It is most beautiful spot with the most ravishing deep blue lake, “WAKATIPU.”

Moreover, it is also known as the dream spot for those who wanted their adrenaline to pop up. It is surrounded by the towering peaks of Southern Alps and the high spots from where you can get the world-class Skiing, including breathtaking adventures such as Bungee jumping, skydiving, jet boating, and river rafting are the most breathtaking adventures you can have on which will never be forgotten.

Again the Queenstown is also the hub of delicious food you can dine in and enjoy the best burgers of town, as said by CNN, “may be the best burger joint on the planet.”

You can stay in the “Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel” that is on the edge of the town, giving you complete access to restaurants and shops and also assures you peace from hub activities.

Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley, New Zealand


This place has its own value in the MUST-SEE LIST, but it has some different features that can change your minds after having the best dinners and the best sports adventures that are the GEYSERS, this valley is known for the best geysers in the world. Mud pools are also the center of attraction to the explorers in which water can be boiled up to 200-degree FAHRENHEIT.

Exploring this valley delivers you to the “TE PUIA” the Mauri Arts and Craft institute located in this valley.

Moreover, here you can have some different with some different tastes and different forms like the “STEAM BOX” food which is prepared by the ancient geothermal techniques which are worth seeing.

AURA ACCOMMODATION is the best choice for explorers and travelers to stay in, which is located on the Coast of ROTORUA Lake.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand


No list of best places to go in New Zealand would be complete without mentioning the Waitomo caves. Especially the Waitomo Glowworm Cave is what the sightseeing where the thousands of worms glow with most spunky way, you can have a boat tour to this cave or you can have the Black- Water rafting to explore that glowworm cave.

Moreover,some caves do not consist of glowworms but some different characters to check it up on like ARANUI CAVE, which has the best ancient decorations; RUAKURI CAVE has an awesome spiral entrance and the unique limestone formation. It’s simply the home to the best caves of World.

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand


After the caves, you should enjoy the glacier areas of New Zealand. Franz Josef Glaciers provide you the best ice hiking on the longest glaciers. Don’t you worry about being freeze on it because it gets the good sunlight on it, which makes the temperature quite about 2 or 3 degrees lower than the areas around it? You can also have a helicopter tour to explore this area.

After spending a good day on glaciers, you can have the best calming hot pools to compact yourself.Franz Josef is a small area so, no matter what hotel you’ll stay in, and you can have good access to everything.


Now you have the best information about the best places of NEWZEALAND. So, what are you waiting for book your tour now?