Foolproof Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Foolproof Tips to Beat Jet Lag

It is very common to experience jet lag when you are traveling regarding the place you are going is near or far. By jet lag, we usually mean the disturbance of sleep-wake patterns when you travel from one time zone to another fast or frequently.

Many remedies are told to us regarding the avoiding of jet lag, but few works. So today I will provide you a few such tips which will not only beat jet lag but also help you in relaxing.

Adjustment Time For A Time Zone Shift:

According to the researches that many Ph.D. doctors and researchers have done on jet lag, and they say that it takes almost one day to get over your jet lag which is equal to one hour of different time zone shift.

It means that if you have traveled to a different time zone for one hour, your body will start responding in a better and normal way within one day or so.

Also, according to many researchers, the adjustment of time can take place either before the plane takes off or after you have landed to your designated destination.

Adjusting Before The Actual Travel Happens:

This is another excellent tip which guarantees you about getting over jet lag as quickly as possible. What you can do is practice your routine keeping in mind the time difference you are about to face.

You can change you go to sleep time, wake up time, lunch, breakfast and other such important daily routine by just one hour so it will not be a problem for you to get adjusted in the new time zone.

Here you must keep this thing in mind that as the longtime zone shift, the long hours of disturbance you will feel. So, it is always better to get adjusted a few days earlier and get into that routine.

Short Trips Are Easier:

If you are planning for a short trip which can be a holiday trip or tour to relaxation, you can avoid jet lag by just staying at your natural body timings which has been set since you remember because if you plan to relax on your tour, the timing doesn’t matter that much.

It is much easier to relax and enjoy any two days or three-day trip if you don’t have to keep adjusting according to the new time zone.

Adjustment of the Body is Different in Different Directions:

It is only natural for the body to get itself adjusted according to the time zones. I mean there is a place which has longer days than yours and of course, short days to exists.

A human is quick to adapt to those time zones quickly which have longer days rather than short ones because firstly, long days which give you much time to adjust quickly while short days don’t and secondly, you are never in a hurry because of obvious long and short-day timings.

So, I say, you must get proper information beforehand about the place you are about to travel so it would become easy to adjust quickly.

Screen Time Interference:

When you are on travel, you carry your electronic devices with you like smartphones and tablets. You are bound to keep using them, and it can be for any purpose.

You can use it for contacting your social accounts or to take a picture, but you keep looking at that screen which makes us tired.

The light of the screens disturbs the body management and sleep timings mainly because of the light which is emitted by these phones. I say you should use very little of these screens at least till you get over your jet lag. Same goes for your other electronic devices as well.

Bedroom Setting:

One of the most beneficial ways to get adjusted to a new time zone is a good sleep which is essential and sometimes very difficult to attain as well. What you can do is try to get those rooms on travels which are noise free, and they have a cozy room environment.

For instance, you need a cool, dark environment with a soft and comfortable bed to get a good sleep so try to have all these factors in your bedroom and sleep as sound as you can.

Some people prefer their own pillows so you can also carry them with you if you can.


Travelling for vacations is a fun getaway and jet lag usually don’t disturb you but if the trip is strictly business related, then you need to beat the jet lag as soon as possible.

I am sure if you follow the above mention tips then you adjust amen to new time zone will be pretty easy and quick.

Also, wherever you plan to go, remember to have a good sleep and then a nice walk in the morning sun as it is one of the best ways to tell the body know that a new day has started.