Tips for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

Motorcycle Road Trip

Planning for first time Motorcycle road trip which includes road trip checklist and do’s and don’ts to ensure the safety and success of your trip.

Motorcycle Road Trip

Motorcycle road trip is one of the most sought experiences among youngsters. It is one of the popular ways to visit tourist places. A lot of people find motorcycle road trip very refreshing and rejuvenating as it demands complete focus. There are two types of motorcycle road trips: Solo Motorcycle Road Trip and Motorcycle Road Trip With Group. If one does not have a bike for road trip, he/she can also rent a bike for the trip. There are many places which can be experienced best, if travelled on bike.

Solo Motorcycle Road Trip

Solo Motorcycle road trip is one of those experiences which one must experience at least once in his/her life. It helps one to get connected with his/her inner self. In other words, one can discover oneself. Solo road trip is different from travelling with a group of people; there are many things which you can do only if you travel alone. Some of these things are: You can plan your own trip the way you want, best way to get out from comfort zone, make new friends and many more. Bike rental in Dehradun

Motorcycle Road Trip Checklist

Planning Motorcycle road trip can be really hectic for first time goers. Taking tips from experienced people helps a lot to prepare road trip. There are many things which must be done in order to ensure the success of your road trip; some of them are buying things and preparing motorcycle for the long trip. Motorcycle road trip can be very dangerous if you don’t know the process of how to cover a long journey on bike.

Here are some of the tips and checklist which one must not miss:

1) Choose A Right Motorcycle:

A successful Motorcycle road trip cannot be possible without a proper motorcycle which suits you and your requirements. A motorcycle with comfortable seat, sharp headlights, guards and few pairs of handlebar is must for you.You can also rent a bike which suits your needs if you don’t have a one. Make sure you can load all your bags on the motorcycle you choose. Remember a smooth and successful road trip is far more important to you than riding on cool looking motorcycle.

2) Pack Your Bags Wisely:

Travelling light is important for Motorcycle road trip since it makes your trip more comfortable. Bags like tail-bags, tank bags, saddlebags are best to keep your things. These bags are Motorcycle friendly and can be carried easily on your bike. Along with choosing the right bags one must also choose one’s luggage carefully to avoid excess burden. Travel light; carry disposable items so that you can discard them after their use. It would be wise if you make a list, first, and then pack your bags.

3) Be Prepared for Unexpected Weather:

Carry raincoat and plastic sheets which can be helpful to cover your bags and you if it rains during your ride. Along with that you must also prepare yourself for other weather conditions like cold, hot, snow and storm. If you have planned a long trip, going through places with different weather conditions then you must carry cloths which could be beneficial throughout your ride.

4) Drink Often:

Hydrating yourself is very important during your ride. If you hate stopping often to drink then consider carrying a water bottle with long tube. This will help you to hydrate yourself without stopping. Along with that carry juice and other drinks enriched with protein. Being hydrated is very important for clear vision and proper functioning of your brain during your road trip.

5) Carry a Map:

Carrying a map of places you are planning to travel through is important so that you don’t lose the track and get lost. Though you can also have GPS device installed in you motorcycle but that also requires internet connection, when there is no internet connection you can use the hard copy of your map. Apart from carrying a map, you should also ask the locals about the roads and tracks if you have any doubt.

6) Take Breaks:

Taking breaks during your journey is not only important for you, but it is also important for your Motorcycle. To avoid unexpected difficult circumstances, you must stop after few hours of your ride to check the condition of your motorcycle. Taking breaks is also importance for your own health as well since long hour of ride can cause saddle sores.

Final Thoughts on Motorcycle Road Trip

Motorcycle road trip can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life or it can also be the worst experience. It all depends on how you plan and precede your trip. If planed properly, you will enjoy your journey to the core. But, in case you don’t plan your trip well in advance there are chances that you may get into a big trouble. And also don’t forget to carry spare brake, tube, spark plugs and accelerator cables to avoid tough time. If you still have doubts, you can search for motorcycle road trip planners on who can plan your trip and assist you better.